WELCOME . . . to WOW, the wonder of women.

This site exists to extol women, to offer an alternative to how women are over-sexualized, to show the soft, sensual side of femininity and intimacy, and to promote their beauty and contributions that make heterosexual men better for knowing a good woman.

God’s last, finest, and best creation is, arguably, woman.

The human female body’s curves are so beautiful, so inspirational, so sensuous, historically, over centuries, for any culture, any language, and any continent, the all time reigning “number one”, most common artistic subject, has been and still is, “the nude”, typically the female nude . . . and for good reasons. Nothing more breathtaking compares.

You have to be a normal heterosexual human male to fully comprehend why the female nude is Mankind’s dominant artistic subject.

The world is more enjoyable, more beautiful, more interesting and deeply satisfying, because some women defy social norms and pose nude for pictures. Ladies, “Thank you!”

I hope you see, and appreciate, the finesse, the lighting, the shadows, plus the grace of the models’ bodies, as a whole. I also hope you enjoy the collaboration between model and photographer, their art, and these pictures stimulate you to think and appreciate anew, and enjoy, the nude adult female form, openly, without shame.

Ponder what follows. Per Genesis, in the Bible,  the original prototype man, Adam, and the original prototype woman, Eve, were together, in close proximity, in the Garden of Eden, cavorting together, totally nude, and God is quoted as saying, “And it is good.” Thus, per the Bible itself, which Christians assert is “God’s word”, God’s original plan was for Man and Woman to associate together in close proximity, nude in nature, even if they were not married.

Since that was God’s original plan, why is there now so much uncritical hostility, negativity and strong social taboos against social public nudity? Seriously, since the Bible asserts human beings are made in the image of God, why does society and religion indoctrinate so many of us to be ashamed of our bodies?

What, if anything, is wrong or sinful, about the naked human body? Do you equate mere nudity with sex? Lust? Sin? If so, why?

Can you look at a beautiful picture of a lovely nude woman without overly sexualizing her? If not, why?

Can you just look at, and appreciate, a naked woman’s beauty, the photographer’s skill in capturing her beauty, and what an amazing, super talented artist, God, is, for being the original creator of Man and Woman?

Below is one example of pictures you can see on this WOW site if you pay for one of the subscription levels, from Entry Level to Annual Level. You can enjoy the WOW site with an annual subscription for only $180.00 which is a daily average of $0.49 per day. The WOW collection is special and magical, and only a connoisseur of the adult nude human female form will truly comprehend how much this world is magical.


Kindest regards to all,

— Peter J. Mancus
Owner, www.wowthewondeofwomen.com 

Why Deny Yourself?

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