by Peter J. Mancus,

Owner, www.wowthewonderofwomen.com

[email protected]



By intimacy, I mean this: I do my best to capture precious, up close, intimate moments with a woman [e.g., things a woman typically does in private, such as, when she dresses/undresses; removes her bra; takes a shower or a bath; puts on her make up; preens before a mirror; brushes her hair; daydreams; and aches from missing her guy, as her guy misses her, longs for her, wishes he was with her and allows nothing to prevent him from being with her.

I also strive to stimulate a thought provoking, emotional connection between those who look at my pictures and the pictures I take, ranging from stimulating thoughts about common man-woman issues or political issues that can impact their lives.

Every heterosexual guy who ever loved a woman and could not be with her when he wanted to be knows well the pain and the lost I focus upon, and the joy he experiences when he is reunited with his woman and gets to share her precious companionship. That companionship can be a simple sincere smile, a nudge, a passionate embrace or the woman giving her guy a big thrill, such as, running nude on a beach, to make his world rock!

However, by intimacy, I mean far more than pure sex. I also include a deeper, more significant, more meaningful, more comprehensive kind of intimacy. This kind arises from mutual trust, cooperation, and long, heartfelt, honest conversations where one bares one’s soul, goals, dreams, passions and fears to the other . . . and is well received!

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