Peter J. Mancus,

Owner, www.wowthewonderofwomen.com



Why should anyone do business with WOW [www.wowthewonderofwomen.com]?

Uncensored Pictures Will be Delivered to You

Uncensored, technically flawless, well composed, artistic nude pictures of ravishingly beautiful young women, with uncovered bare nipples, will be delivered to you, in privacy, for your lasting enjoyment, deep satisfaction and sustained pleasure.

Playboy-Like Quality

You can own real color photographs of ravishingly beautiful nude young women, from around the world, including in huge sizes, big enough to put over a fireplace mantle, in a large room in a mansion, in your “man’s cave”, your work shop, or your office, . . . and be the envy of your buddies.

Excellent Customer Service

I treasure and value you, the customer.

I shall treat you well and do my best to give you a trustworthy, reliable, hassle-free, buying experience.

 I understand that, without loyal, repeat, hyper-satisfied customers who are evangelists for WOW, this Internet site will not survive.

 I believe this: Selling is serving—serving you, and one of the best ways I can accomplish my goals is to provide you excellent service coupled with the highest quality product at a fair price.

 I am ready to be of service and to answer your questions, competently, honestly and cordially, to achieve your full satisfaction. You can call me at (707)-703-9210 and/or email me at pmancus@comcast.net. I will be happy to communicate.

 I strive to put you first, to build a long term relationship, based on trust, honesty, full disclosure, responsiveness, fair pricing, and a high-quality product.

 We deliver a superior product at a reasonable price with a guarantee, dependable service, and no aggravation, so your buying experience is a flawless transaction.

I have done everything humanly possible to make doing business with WOW easy, safe, and enjoyable.


You can see our pictures before you buy. You don’t have to dress up, trudge downtown, burn expensive gasoline, fight traffic, wait in line, or deal with an incompetent salesperson.

You, from any place where you have Internet access, can make an online purchase, and have easy access to me, Peter J. Mancus, WOW’s owner.

I have done everything humanly possible to make doing business with WOW easy, safe, and enjoyable.

Our product will be delivered directly to your home. It can’t be much more convenient than that.

Pin Prick Sharp, Lush, Rich Detail

WOW prints will enlarge to huge, awesome, sizes, and look great at reasonable viewing distances, including, life-size or billboard size!

Collectibles, Wall Decor, or Gift Giving

WOW pictures are 100% perfectly suitable for collecting, decorating and gift-giving, with pride.

Variety of Standard, Popular, Print Sizes

WOW offers a variety of technically excellent, artistic, original, pictures of beautiful women, from world-wide countries, in various print sizes, at affordable, fair prices relative to the product’s extremely high quality.

Custom Print Sizes are Available

Custom size prints can be made available. Just call me, Peter, at 707-703-9210 or email me at pmancus@comcast.net to inquire about what you want.

Lots of Variety

Want to buy a flawless picture of a beauty running nude on a beach? WOW has them. What about a beauty showering or taking a bath? WOW has them. How about classic fine art nudes in the studio? In Bora Bora? Nude in the forest? Mountains? Desert? In front of the Eiffel Tower? WOW has them, too, plus, wonderful tight crop headshots of young beauties.

Money Back Guarantee

The sale is not final until after you receive your print, see it up close, and you make the decision to keep it or fail to return it within 30-days. With our money back guarantee, there is no risk! We stand behind our product. To claim your refund, return the product within 30-days of the postmarked shipping date.

What are the terms of WOW’s money back guarantee?

“No questions asked”. If a WOW print you ordered is delivered damaged, the color palette does not please you, or if you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason you enjoy a comprehensive No-Argument-Free-Replacement-or-Full-Money-Back-Guarantee.

 To take advantage of this guarantee you have to return the product, preferably, undamaged, to me, within 30 days of the date of shipment, and I will honor WOW’s guarantee to you!

 If you are concerned about your order being lost in transit I recommend you make arrangements to pay a bit extra to insure your order, especially for a high value order because WOW is not responsible for a failure to deliver or a theft in transit.

 If you need to return a WOW print, please ship it to this address: Peter J. Mancus, 7424 Walnut Lane, Sebastopol, CA 95472.

 Caution: I reserve the right to refuse orders from anyone who too frequently claims they never received what they ordered or what they ordered was received damaged.

No Compromises

The photographic process, from original image capture to making a print, involves many steps. A compromise in any step reduces the final product’s quality. At WOW, no compromise is made.

We use expensive, professional grade, cameras, lenses, tripods, and a highly respected, world class, true, professional, color lab for printing and order fulfillment, with extreme, stringent, quality control.

The odds are extremely high you will never have to trouble yourself to ask for a refund.

No Watermark

All WOW prints are shipped with no watermark.

You are “in Good Hands”

I adhere to the highest ethical standards, practice “the Golden Rule”, tell the truth, and, when I make a mistake, admit it.

I never put my desire to make money before my commitment to serve you well.

I shun all forms of puffery. I can back up every objective claim I make.

I am WOW’s owner, its principal photographer, “the buck stops with me”, my name is on every picture sold, and I strive to treat you, the customer, as “King” [or “Queen”].

If there is a problem I strive to take excellent care of you to resolve the problem to your reasonable satisfaction.

What are WOW’s print sizes and prices?

Rectangle Paper Prints

  1. 8×12” at $45.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  2. 12×18” at $89.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  3. 16×24” at $135.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  4. 20×30” at $219.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  5. 24×36” at $269.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  6. 30×45” at $339.99 each, plus tax, S&H

Square Paper Prints

  1. 12×12” at $49.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  2. 20×20” at $149.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  3. 30×30” at $289.99 each, plus tax, S&H

 Panoramic Paper Prints

  1. 8×16” at $49.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  2. 12×24” at $94.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  3. 20×40” at $249.99 each, plus tax, S&H
  4. 30×60” at $379.99 each, plus tax, S&H
What are WOW’s print finishes?

Glossy: Pros: Best for pinprick sharpest detail and brightest colors. Cons: Hard glare at various viewing angles and vulnerable to show fingerprints.

Matte: Pros: No hard reflective glare, even at all viewing angles and still sharp; best for being fingerprint-resistant. Cons: Not as sharp as “glossy” but still sharp.

Lustre: Pros: A premium finish that kills the harsh glare of a glossy print, vibrant colors, retains the ability to show fine detail, and more fingerprint resistant than “glossy”. NOTE: Lustre is my preferred finish for my personal collection.

How long is delivery time for a WOW print?

Approximately 7-10 days for delivery within the continental USA and 2-3 weeks for delivery outside the USA, depending on customs delay.

 WOW uses a highly efficient professional lab that operates 24/7 and excels at rapid order fulfillment.

Is “rush delivery” available?

Yes, but it depends on variables. There might be an additional “rush delivery” charge. To find out, call me, WOW’s owner, Peter J. Mancus, to discuss. (707) 703-9210. I recommend you do not procrastinate and delay ordering.

What are the odds a print will be delivered crushed or damaged?

Slim. The lab I use that ships the prints uses United Parcel Post tested and approved, industrial strength shipping containers.

Is delivery overseas available?


What form of payment is acceptable?

Payment must be in US currency or its equivalent.

Can a WOW picture be printed on surfaces other than paper?

Yes. WOW pictures can be printed on coffee mugs, cell phone cover cases, metal, canvas, stretched canvas, aprons, styrene and gator board. Please contact me at 707-703-9210 or pmancus@comcast.net for details.

How good are WOW prints?

Excellent. Uncompromising. Professional. Our quality control is stringent. Prints are made by a world-class professional photo lab. They have the look and feel of real photographs.

WOW prints are not mass produced, mediocre quality, thin paper, junk.

How long will a WOW print last?

WOW prints, under normal conditions, if not abused, should last as long as or longer than traditional wet chemistry prints. This stability can be increased by keeping the prints inside, free of moisture, away from extreme heat or direct sunlight, and framed under UV resistant glass or in a closed, clean, acid free, box or inside archival grade binders.

Will all of WOW’s images enlarge big and look good?

Approximately 95% of WOW’s pictures will enlarge to a huge, awesome size, and look wonderful. Many will look pin prick sharp even when viewed up close. All will look great at smaller sizes.

Why does WOW promote big prints?

Big prints are awesome. There is something magical about big prints. That magic is in proportion to their size-the bigger the better. I like to bring out the magic-and the fine detail-of our images. The only way to do that is to print big. I cannot stress enough that viewing a big WOW print triggers a delightful, “up on cloud 9 feeling”.

How sharp are WOW's prints compared to what I see on my monitor's screen?

Sharper. I reduce, substantially, the sharpness and details of images posted on the Internet for two reasons: First, to frustrate those who try to rip them off without payment and second, to speed up the loading of the images.

How accurate is the color in WOW’s prints? And how faithful is it to the colors I see on my monitor screen?

WOW colors are accurate. However, I sometimes creatively manipulate color with a bias for color saturation or to brighten colors when they look dirty or oxidized.

An expert at the custom photo lab closely inspects every image to ensure color correction.

If your monitor screen is not calibrated for true color what you see on your screen might differ from what you see in a WOW print.

Are there black or white specs, lint, or "grit" marks on WOW prints?


How delicate is a WOW print?

Our paper is resistant to physical damage when handled carefully and kept dry. It is well suited for large format photographs. You can also order on canvas, metal, and other more durable surfaces.

How can you justify WOW’s prices?

1. Easily, with numerous meritorious reasons.
2. Most reasonably constituted persons look for three things when buying something: 1) the finest quality, 2) the best service, and 3) the lowest price. Most people, however, have never found a company that will provide all three simultaneously. A person can have two of those three, but not all three at the same time.
3. Which of those three are you willing to give up: Highest quality? Best service? Lowest price?
4. It is an economic truth that it’s seldom possible to get the most or the best by spending the least.
5. WOW never compromises quality.
6. Quality and rarity, individually, and together, command a premium.
7. WOW is for those who have discerning taste, value perfection, and can afford the best.
8. Almost anything can be made cheaper-and ruined. I, however, am obsessed with the pursuit—and achievement of—perfection.
9. One either appreciates, and can afford perfection, or not.
10. I am determined to cater to our specialized niche, namely, persnickety people who demand and are willing and able to pay for the best.
11. I refuse to cheapen a WOW product so more people can afford it.
12. WOW images are the end result of a long complex chain in the photographic process from original image capture to printing a professional grade print, with a lot of skill, passion, and dedication involved, with no compromises that degrade the final product.
13. There is a huge difference between a person supplying his or her own image and WOW supplying the image.
14. WOW supplies technically uncompromising, artistically executed, flawless pictures of ravishingly beautiful nude young ladies and offers a hassle-free buying experience.
15. Since WOW offers a money back guarantee, I have to maintain uncompromising high quality, which drives the price up.
16. Quality, however, is valued and remembered after price is forgotten.
17. When one gives due weight to these considerations, WOW’s prices are reasonable.

What is sold at WOW’s standard prices?

Prints made to exacting standards for personal, non-commercial, private enjoyment. All photographs appearing on this Internet site are non-public domain pictures protected by U.S. copyright laws. They shall not be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Peter J. Mancus, their exclusive owner.

Is it possible to buy a license to legally use a WOW image commercially? If so, what is the cost of such a license?

Yes. To answer that question intelligently and to form a mutually fair price, I need answers to these questions:
A. What WOW image(s) do you want to use? [Please use the WOW Product No. to identify the image(s) you want to use. That number appears in the file description for each picture. Example “WOW-B-Alexis 007”.
B. How do you want to use the image(s): Ad? Magazine? Brochure? Book? Other?
C. How large do you want to reproduce a WOW image?
D. How large of a digital file do you want in terms of size and PPI quality?
E. What is the size of your print run? Distribution?
F. Where will you use the image(s), namely, geographical area to be covered?
G. In what form will you use the image(s): Print? Electronic? Both?
H. What rights do you desire: U.S. only? World-wide? Exclusive? Which languages? Duration: From when to when? Number of times: How many times do you intend to use the image?
I. What is your true deadline for needing to get the image in the form you request?
J. What are the odds you will do repeat business with WOW? Time frame? Number of subsequent orders? Frequency of orders? Estimated total dollar amount to be spent over that time frame?
K. What are you willing to pay for the licensed usage rights you want?
L. Are you willing to pay the full agreed to price in advance before I send you what you want?
M. Are you agreeable to give the photographer a legally correct copyright notice to keep the image from entering the public domain?; and
N. Are you agreeable to include the URL for the WOW site? NOTE: This notice can be a small font size that does not interfere with enjoyment of a picture if they are readable on the picture or near the picture.

I am receptive to licensing commercial use of a WOW picture subject to the following conditions, which are firm:
A. Payment in U.S. dollars must be paid in full before I will forward a print or digital file;
B. The licensee must agree in writing to include in the project a copyright notice for the photographer who WOW credits with taking the picture and WOW’s Internet URL address in an easy to read size that does not interfere with enjoyment of the picture on or near the picture, in a suitable place;
C. The licensee must agree in writing to promptly send WOW’s owner an example of how the picture(s) were used commercially; and
D. The licensee must agree in writing to let WOW post a picture on the WOW Internet site of the licensee’s use of the WOW picture.

Does WOW have periodic sales where prints are sold at a discount?


Are digital files of WOW images available for purchase or license?

1. Generally, I do not sell all rights to an image, but I do license limited rights to use an image commercially subject to agreed to terms, reduced to writing, and pre-payment in full.
2. Digital versions of WOW images might be available. Call me at 707-703-9210 or email me at pmancus@comcast.net to discuss details.

Who is the WOW site [www.wowthewonderofwomen.com] ideal for?

Anyone who A) deeply appreciates bold, uninhibited, sensuous, beautiful women, B) photographed exceptionally well, C) who demands uncompromising technical quality and good compositions, D) who wants exceptional photographs, E) printed flawlessly, F) of artistic nudes, E) in a wide variety of settings, F) printed big with pin prick sharp lush details, like an individual strand of hair or eye lash or skin pore, or, in the alternative, deliberate creative selective focusing for a special artistic effect.

Anyone who is persnickety [excessively particular, fussy, discerning; demands painstaking care; uncompromising standards second to none]. NOTE: “PHOTOGRAPHY FOR PERSNICKETY PEOPLE” is my business slogan, and it summarizes well my attitude and approach.

Anyone who wants high quality pictures of Playboy-like beautiful young ladies, excellent for wall decor, collecting and gift giving, with pride of ownership.

For “Louie Lunchbucket”, aka, the “Common Man”, and “Arnold Aristocrat”, aka, “the Connoisseur”, who share one desire: they crave uncompromising photographs of artistic nudes and sensuous art at a fair price and also want a hassle-free buying experience.

Does the WOW collection contain soft or hard core porn?

No! And it never will. This site is an alternative to porn. This site extols women.

Is a modern, expensive, professional camera and lens the most important thing necessary for the creation of beautiful images of nude women?

No! An expensive professional grade camera and lens are wonderful tools, and a big help, when it comes to making pin prick sharp, well exposed, pictures. However, just as an expensive pen in my hand does not make me a novelist, a grand piano does not make me a concert piano player, and an expensive stove is not the secret behind a cook’s delicious meal, the indispensable key to making a zinger picture of a nude [or anything] is a photographer’s passionate drive, commitment, skills, preparation, and strategic vision—especially “vision”.

The most expensive camera with the best lens will never substitute for a photographer’s passion, commitment, planning, skill, and vision. This is because it is the photographer who shows up, determines the camera’s settings and lens choice, choses his/her location, time of day, angle, depth of field, and the composition. The camera is an inanimate object incapable of making any of those critical decisions. It is foolish, therefore, to overly rely on gear. Consequently, a skilled photographer does not need the best camera to create exceptional pictures.

Here is a real example that illustrates my point. I once visited a friend and used his inexpensive point and shoot camera to photograph his children and his wife. I gave him the pictures I took. He told me his wife told him she did not understand why her camera, the one I used, took bad pictures when she used it but took wonderful pictures when I used it. My friend told me he told his wife, “Honey, Peter is a photographer with a good ‘eye’. He knows what he is doing, and you don’t. You are a snap shooter; Peter is a photographer.”

A “photographer’s vision”, to be a cut above “average”, requires A) a discerning awareness of light, quality of light, direction of light, design, patterns, space, composition, lens choice, and proper or creative exposure, and B) the ability to discern, isolate, and capture, assuredly and quickly, brief fleeting moments, that reduce chaos to stunning simplicity, that results in a zinger picture.

Good pictures can be made with a cheap throw-a-way camera!

If a person is a sub-standard photographer, yielding to a “GAS attack” [gear acquisition syndrome—buying better camera gear], by itself, will never make a person a better photographer.

What are WOW’s major goals?

1) To extol women; 2) To supply the Common Man and the Connoisseur with uncompromising high quality exceptional photographs of ravishingly beautiful women at reasonable prices for the quality of the product; 3) To have fun photographing the models; 4) To create a photographic collection that preserves the beauty of the world wide models who cooperated with me and to generate a body a work worthy of critical acclaim for a wider audience to enjoy; and 5) To create an additional source of income.

What changes are ahead for the WOW site?

1. I intend to add B&W images and use software to convert some images to look like paintings.
2. I want to focus more on extreme low light, artistic, classic fine art nude renditions, plus fashion, glamor and headshots [tight crops of the face].
3. I want to add more bodyscapes [faceless close up details of a nude woman’s curves].
4. Publish a book of my best pictures of a favorite model and/or best pictures of the models I have photographed.
5. Until a woman I love who loves me back orders me to stop photographing nude women, I will continue to add more models and upload more of the pictures I have of models on the WOW site.

Are you available for special assignments for compensation?

I can produce museum quality, pin prick sharp, excellent, static, artistic, and dynamic action, large, color and B&W prints or digital files. Please feel free to call me [Peter Mancus] at (707) 703-9210 to discuss your particular needs, or email me at pmancus@comcast.net.

What is the proper jurisdiction [court] for resolving a dispute?

The odds of formal litigation being required to resolve a dispute with me or with WOW are nil. However, anyone who does business with WOW or me does so subject to this condition: They irrevocably agree that they have made an informed consent decision that the exclusive proper place for resolution of a formal legal dispute shall be, and is, in Sonoma County, California, United States of America, which is approximately 60 miles north of San Francisco, California.