by Peter J. Mancus,

Owner, www.wowthewonderofwomen.com

[email protected]


If you want to set up a nude photo shoot with me, please do this: A) read this first; B) then, if you are serious, think you satisfy my requirements, accept how I interact with models, and think we will work well together, C) reach out to me with your contact information—including your Model Mayhem number, if any, your availability for the next 90-days, submit current sharp pictures of your face and full body, and tell me what type of photo sessions are agreeable to you.


Types of Models I Like to Photograph

  1. I seek attractive women who trust me, of all races, for artistic, tasteful, indoor/outdoor clothed, life style, swim suit, lingerie, implied nude, and nude photography to create beautiful images that extol women.
  2. Mutual trust is vital. If you do not trust me I do not want to work with you.
  3. Suitable models must have valid government picture ID proving they are 18+; must allow me to take a picture of their ID for my records; be physically fit, attractive, proportional height/weight; look healthy; be comfortable photographed nude; no breast implants; sign commercial model release form before a shoot begins; be considerate of my time; report for photo sessions punctually; be clean, sober, drug free, with makeup, hair and nails done; must not freeze up before camera; be reasonable about compensation, which is negotiable; and keep 100% of their commitments.
  4. I have a strong preference for:
  1. A) models who trust me and accept how I want to interact with them;
  2. B) models with no tattoos because I prefer virgin skin; however, I also like models with one large, well done, dramatic tattoo;
  3. C) models who can give me an exotic look, a sultry look, a sassy look, an aristocratic look, and/or or an innocent “all-American” fresh look, who express emotions well;
  4. D) models who keep their commitments, are punctual, are considerate, are reasonable, are tranquil, promote tranquility, are tactful, handle uncertainty well, are flexible, and pose well;
  5. E) models who love posing nude outdoors because I love “natural in nature”;
  6. F) models who are willing to flash in an urban environment;
  7. G) models who speak English, who are bilingual and experienced in world travel;
  8. H) models who will share one room with me, with separate beds or one bed, on the condition that I respect their boundaries, or, in the alternative, if they want a separate room, they pay for it;
  9. I) models who do not shave their pubic hair;
  10. J) models who are able to travel comfortably in a car or motor home for a long time;
  11. K) models who do not need a lot of makeup;
  12. L) models who, happily, get up early to be photographed during the morning golden hour and who stay out late for the evening golden hour;
  13. M) models who are committed to doing what is necessary “to get the shot”, such as tolerate unpleasant temperatures without excessive complaint or position themselves on a coarse surface that might be wet or cold;
  14. N) models who define “a day” as 8 hours of actual posing time; if a model wants to charge me for traveling with me to get from point “A” to point “B” so I can photograph her at both points, she can get to both places at her expense, and I will pay her for her time posing;
  15. O) models who are receptive to extended trips at a reasonable fee;
  16. P) models who are cordial, upbeat, and believe in T.E.A.M., meaning, Together Each Achieves More;
  17. Q) models who happily let me take control of the shoot so I get what I want and pay for;
  18. R) models who know how to swim and like to be photographed near, on, and in the water;
  19. S) models who do not smoke and are addiction free;
  20. T) models who do not have excessively large breasts;
  21. U) models with an ultra beautiful face;
  22. V) models who can evoke a wide variety of emotions per facial expressions and poses;
  23. W) models who have a superior IQ, good judgment, formal higher education, reasonable expectations, can nail a pose, have a wide variety of beautiful poses, are not stuck up, and are easy to work with;
  24. X) models who have a wise strategic vision, value long term mutually rewarding genuine friendships, and look forward to repeat shoots with me; and
  25. Y) models who are creative.

I am a sucker for black diamond cut fishnet, pony tails, a pretty smile, a playful personality, bright colors, pastel colors, interesting jewelry and accessories, and pretty scarfs.

My Core Attitudes Toward Nude Models

  1. RESPECT. I am a skilled, reliable, principled professional who treats models with utmost respect. I respect them for trusting me and for allowing me to photograph them nude, so I can create excellent works of art. I never betray their trust. I understand that mutual trust is the critical foundation for an excellent model-photographer corroboration. I respect models, appreciate them, value their beauty and posing skills, and I am often favorably impressed by their work ethic, skills, creativity and good ideas. Models and I are God’s creations. We both deserve respect, and we should treat each other well, to the best of our ability. I respect, admire, and value a woman who is comfortable with her body and her sexuality and is willing to pose nude. I am happy such women exists.
  1. FIRST.MEETING. I will meet a model in public for the first time if she so desires.
  1. DISCUSSING A SHOOT. When discussing a possible shoot, I strive to raise a model to a high level of informed consent so we agree on everything and there are no surprises. At the beginning of every shoot I do my best to put a model at ease. I review my objectives and hers, I clarify the scope and specifics of the shoot, the amount of compensation and how it is determined, I discuss how posing suggestions will be made, and I discuss the model’s comfort zone and limits. If a model’s limits do not allow me to get the pictures I want I cancel the shoot. I also review shooting preferences, sample photos for posing ideas, and the model release form, which I ask the model to sign. If the model will not sign the form I cancel the shoot without payment. I also take a picture of the model’s government issued ID with a picture to confirm she is at least 18 years old. I show the model the environment of the shoot. I answer all questions truthfully. I communicate clearly about what I want and what I intend to do with the images I make.
  1. DIRECTIONS. I direct a model with words and help her to build a new pose with words and hand signals. I do not touch models. If a model consents, I might—infrequently—touch a model in an innocuous place, briefly.
  1. MODEL’S COMFORT AND SECURITY. I do not press for sexual favors, and I do not grope. For an environmental shoot I bring sanitary items for the model’s use and water for her hydration. If a shoot is at my home I make certain the model has a clean restroom to use and a robe to cover her between breaks if she so desires. I keep all conversation focused on achieving the goals of the photo shoot; however, with the model’s consent, I enjoy discussing other matters. I do my best to make a model feel safe, secure, and at ease.
  1. UNREASONABLY NON-COOPERATIVE MODELS. Once I achieve mutual consent on all important details, if the model unreasonably deviates from what we agreed to, I reserve the right to be assertive and to insist that the model adhere to what we agreed to so I can make the images I expected to get and pay the model to get. If the model unreasonably continues to refuse to cooperate, I will cancel the shoot and not pay an uncooperative model. The model’s original informed consent gives me the right to be assertive with the model so the model does not jerk me around with impunity. A model’s unreasonable failure to cooperate relieves me of an obligation to pay for posing not done as expected. A model, as an independent contractor, always retains the right to not cooperate, but, when she fails to cooperate she forfeits any legitimate expectation of a right to be paid. When I hire a model to pose and she fails to pose as agreed upon she has no legitimate right to be paid, and I have no duty to pay an unreasonably non-cooperative model.
  1. COMMITMENTS. I do what I promise. The only time I do not do what I promise is if it becomes impossible or if the model gives me a compelling reason. I go out of my way to keep commitments I make to a model. I avoid cancelling a shoot because I know cancellations work a hardship on models. I want models to keep their commitments to me. I will not allow them to abuse me. I am not receptive to a model cancelling on me. If she does, absent a compelling justification, odds are high I will never schedule a shoot with her again.
  1. ESCORT(S). I allow a model to bring an escort as long as the escort does not obstruct.
  1. GOD’S FINEST CREATION. When it comes to a woman’s shape, lines and curves, the adult human female is God’s finest creation.
  1. ARTISTIC NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY AND MORALITY. God’s best achievement should not be kept hidden under clothes. God’s original plan was for Adam and Eve to be nude and unashamed in the Garden of Eden. God’s original plan was excellent. I reject the idea of “original sin” and “guilt by association” merely because the original woman, Eve, allegedly ate forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, and, therefore, her off springs, for endless generations, are automatically born sinners and nudity is sinful. Those parts of Christianity are, to me, weird, illogical, examples of man-made religiosity run amuck. I believe in individual guilt. I reject the doctrine of “original sin”, “guilt by association”, a sinful nature passed down via heredity for endless generations, and nude modeling or nude photography are bad or sinful. I do not equate nudity or nude modeling for photography and the creation of art with sin, immorality or criminal conduct.
  1. PRAISE FOR PROFESSIONAL NUDE MODELS. I feel honored to be in the presence of a nude model and to have her informed consent to photograph her. When a nude model nails an awesome pose I am transformed to a world of endless wonders, approaching divine creation. As a generalization, I experience professional traveling nude models to be a form of divinely inspired sub-species of “women”; they are among the best of the best, in the sense that they tend to go to extreme lengths to eat healthy and exercise to maintain their beauty; they tend to be well educated, intelligent, logical, organized, flexible, computer savvy and good problem solvers; they need to be all those things to survive and to make it worthwhile to them. I appreciate a skilled traveling model who is not vain and not a drama queen, especially if she appreciates me.
  1. INEXPERIENCED MODELS. As to inexperienced models, I do my best to raise them to a high level of informed consent, to be patient, gentle, tender, kind, supportive, and give them good advice to help advance their career as a nude model.
  1. MODEL’S RIGHTS. I respect a model’s right to be free of unwanted sexual advances. Thus, I also think of models as tigers, and my attitude is this: (1) DO NOT TOUCH THE TIGER and (2) if the model wants my romantic attention she knows how to communicate that desire, clearly.
  1. SHARING PICTURES. If I agree to pay a model for her to pose for me because she refuses a TFP exchange, I will not give her my pictures of her because she did not pose on a TFP basis; however, if a model is cooperative, friendly, professional, and poses well, I will give her some of my best images for her enjoyment and her portfolio, to please her and to tell her “Thank you!” However, if a model uses any of my pictures she must give me the photo credit and post my email address next to my name: [email protected]. The model is also not authorized to give my pictures of her to any one or to sell them. It would be wonderful if the model promoted on her social media pages my WOW site by posting its URL [www.wowthewonderofwomen.com] on her social media pages.

O HOSTING. If a model is a traveling model and needs overnight accommodations, I have two comfortable spare guest bedrooms and bathroom for her exclusive use if she so desires. [I have hosted numerous models, some frequently.] I have bedding for up to four models at one time.

  1. PHOTO SHOOT BREAKS. I am receptive to short breaks so the model can recharge; however, I am not receptive to models who take prolonged breaks and run up the clock on me.
  1. MODEL’S UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR. I have a low tolerance for unprofessional model behavior. I do not like:
  1. Model takes too long to reach a definite date and time for a shoot with definite clear terms of hire.
  2. Model becomes verbally snarly with me if I ask her to please consider negotiating her fees so I can afford to photograph her for as many hours as I would like to.
  3. Model shows up late, unprepared, under the influence of anything, sick, and/or tired, yawns too often, manifests droopy eyelids, brings illegal narcotics into my house or car, or smokes in my house or car.
  4. Model refuses to sign a model release that grants me commercial rights before the shoot begins.
  5. Model insists that I pay her in cash for her modeling services before she signs a model release and before she approves pictures I took of her.
  6. Model takes an excessive number of bathroom breaks, and, behind bathroom doors, while she runs up the clock on me, she communicates with others on her cell phone or she takes breaks to conduct personal business and refuses to deduct that time against the time she bills me for posing, or she refuses to stay late to make up for the time we lost by her delays.
  7. Model tries to dictate to me, unreasonably, when her billable time starts, what lenses I should use, how I should compose her, and where I should position myself to photograph her.
  8. Model unilaterally tries to change the terms of hire, to my detriment.
  9. Model lies to me or misrepresents; is a flake; acts like a prima donna; makes excessive excuses; is rude, inconsiderate or condescending; creates unnecessary unprofessional drama or friction; tells me how to do my job in a non-constructive, condescending way; is excessively foul mouthed; fails to take responsibility for her conduct; and/or during a shoot, fails to to pose well to capture a certain look and/or mood.
  10. Model claims her modeling skills are better than they are.
  11. Model tells me I am a mere button pusher; praises my camera and not me or my skills; and/or tells me, “Fix it in PhotoShop.”
  12. Model asks me what is my budget for photographing her and gets snarly with me when I tell her I cannot answer her question intelligently because I do not have enough information about her.
  13. Model wrongly accuses me of making an improper sexual advance; claims I am a pervert; claims I am trying to manipulate her for sexual favors; and/or misconstrues my sincere compliments of her, if any, as me hitting on her.
  14. Model handles my camera gear without my permission; changes camera settings; touches the glass of a lens with a bare finger; drops equipment; spills liquid on it; and/or deletes one or more images on my camera.
  15. Model intentionally or carelessly damages or breaks anything in my house or my car;
  16. Model pressures me to give her images I am not required to give per the terms of hire.
  17. Model threatens to not keep all of her commitments to me or fails to do so.
  18. Model, after I paid her to pose for me and I paid for her time and then gave her some pictures I took of her, gives or sells my pictures of her to others.
  19. Models who, while I am paying for them to pose for me in public, talk to strangers, stop modeling for me and offer non-meritorious excuses as to why they continued to talk to strangers.
  20. Model pressures me to pay for her overhead expenses in addition to her time for posing.

Where I Photograph Models

  1. Various outdoor areas, near and far.
  2. My in-home studio.
  3. Other

Compensation For Models

1. Compensation is dependent on model’s experience level and limits, her look, nature of the photo session, and what the model and I negotiate.
2. Some models want money, money and pictures I take of them, some just want the pictures, and some just want the experience of posing nude.

Hosting Models

I can host up to 3-4 models at one time in my home in Sebastopol, California, 55 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, 10 miles from the ocean. My area is in the heart of highly desirable “wine country”, close to beautiful vineyards, rolling hills, beaches and forest, which are excellent for environmental nude photography.

I have a nice home with several rooms that are excellent for in door shoots. I also have two nicely furnished spare bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with two beds. These bedrooms adjoin with a separate guest bathroom.

If you want to take advantage of my ability to host you, contact me in advance to book space and confirm my availability.

I am willing to trade hosting for a reasonable amount of shooting time.

Odds are high I will book billable time to photograph a model I host.

If you take advantage of my offer to host you, you can reduce your expenses and make it easier for photographers in the North Bay to photograph you, which will generate more income for you. Nearby Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, and Marin, etc., have substantial populations. If you search for photographers in those areas odds are high you will generate income.

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