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Ideal for Photographing Fine Art Models Nude Outdoors Located in Sebastopol, California, 55 Miles North of the Golden Gate Bridge

Property and Amenity Pictures

My Sebastopol, California home [zip code 95472] is available for hourly rental [two hours minimum]. My studio includes rooms, furniture, mirrors, props, strobes, LED continuous lights, backdrops, 4 racks of women’s clothes in “Small” size; “theme” outfits; and big boxes for models to pose on or in. Bedrooms have large adjustable shutters, one with a north light window. Bathrooms have beautiful title, with shower and one has a bathtub. Backyard is ultra private with functioning outdoor bathtub; 3-tier deck under shade trees; daybed; water fountain; hammocks; statuary; flowering plants; arbors; stone floor, paths and wall. 


A. Studio, stairs and hallway—$50/hour;

B. Bedrooms—$70/hour;

C. Bathrooms—$70/hour;

D. Backyard—$100/hour.

If interested DM me at [email protected]/707-703-9210

Why This Property is Unique and Ideal for Photographing Fine Art Nude Models Outdoors:

This property, which looks like an upscale resort, enjoys excellent amenities in one convenient place: 1) a functioning, beautiful, outdoors, claw foot bathtub; 2) a lovely large outdoors daybed; 3) two hammocks, one of which is large enough and strong enough to hold up to four models at one time [600 pounds max weight limit]; 4) a large fancy white trellis; 5) a functioning water fountain; 6) a large multi-tier deck; 7) upscale lawn furniture; 8) extensive flowering plants in expensive fixtures; 9) a variety of upscale Ancient Greek/Roman style statuary, which is moveable, is available to enhance the property and promote its beauty and uniqueness; and 10) total privacy [except for drones or satellites], which means freedom from prying eyes or unwanted interference and complications.
These factors beget an opportunity to make beautiful pictures worthy of critical acclaim that are deeply satisfying.
This property is designed to promote a model’s critical confidence and comfort, plus, maximize a photographer’s efficiency and ability to photograph a model nude outdoors in a lovely setting.  The group organizer will provide two professional quality fast cycling strobe lights which make it much easier to capture fast action, such as a model’s “hair flips”.  The group organizer also has a wide variety of beautiful backdrops, and he has the ability to hang these backdrops outside, when warm enough. He can also put real plants and other 3-D objects before the backdrops to promote a sense of depth and reality.

Rental Rates for One on One Private Shoots [One model with one photographer]:

1. Standard Basic Rates:

One to three hours: $85/hr.
Four hours: $300.00
Five hours: $350.00
Six hours: $400.00
Seven hours: $475.00
Eight hours: $525.00

These “standard basic rates” are intended to be firm.
Yes, they are, arguably, perhaps a bit pricy; however, quality or rarity or both command a premium, and this property is unique, lovely, and of premium high quality, which makes it a true “photographer’s paradise”.
While these rates are intended to be firm, seriously, it is conceivable that a reasonable offer to rent might be accepted.

2. Reduced Rates:
5% less:
If the renter does not use the property owner’s strobe lights.
5% less:
If the same person books, and personally uses, the property more than once within a 30-day consecutive period. [Example: If X uses the property 4 times within a 30-day period X is entitled to 5% off each time per the amount of time he uses the property each time. This additional 5% applies per each use, and it is not cumulative. Example: A third use within 30-days triggers a 5% discount for that use, not a 15% discount.]
50% less:
If the renter allows the property owner to photograph the model alongside the renter, in a manner that is mutually respectful, cooperative and cordial [e.g., the two take turns and/or do not unreasonably interfere with each other], on the further condition that the model gives the property owner a signed model release that grants the property owner commercial rights.

3. Combining Discounts:
When applicable, the above three potential discounts, or any two of them, may be combined; thus, it is possible to achieve a 65% discount!

4. Rate Calculations for Simultaneous Multiple Users:
1. Standard basic [and reduced rates], plus 5% extra for each additional simultaneous user, payable in full in advance.
2. Users are free to split the cost among themselves but payment must be made in full in advance to the property owner.

5. Enhanced Rates:
Up to an additional 5% if the renter uses the property owner’s props.

6. Rental Rates for Workshops, Group Shoots or Other Groups:
Reasonable, subject to negotiations, consistent with above stated rates.


  1. Payment in full shall be made, to the property owner, before renter may begin to use the property.
  2. Payment via PayPal or cash is strongly preferred.
  3. Written receipts will gladly be given upon request.
  4. Property owner must receive a full 100% net of agreed to rental price after payment is made.

Method of Reserving/Booking/Renting the Property:

  1. To reserve a date certain to rent this property and to avoid conflict call me, Peter, property owner, to discuss availability. My telephone number is (707) 703-9210. If we pre-clear availability promptly make a full payment in advance per my PayPal address, which is Cloud 9 Photography.
  2. The property will not be fully reserved until I have confirmed payment in full has been made.
  3. Absent such confirmation the person who pays in full first preempts the person who delays.
  4. If you are willing to risk being preempted by another person feel free to communicate by slower means, such as email or text message.
  5. Cancellations two weeks or earlier before the reserved rental date shall be entitled to a prompt full refund.
  6. Cancellations one week before the reserved rental date shall be entitled to a 50% refund.
  7. Renter irrevocably forfeits 90% of the full rental fee if renter cancels with less than one week’s notice and 100% of the full rental fee if renter fails to use the rental property on the reserved date(s).


  1. No criminal conduct.
  2. No unwanted sexual conduct beyond professionally photographing a model posing professionally.
  3. Do not bring any street drugs, firearm, ammunition, or alcoholic beverage onto the property.
  4. No smoking.
  5. Do not show up sick or under the influence of anything.
  6. Do not start a fire, create a flame, or use anything flammable.
  7. Keep voices low to avoid disturbing neighbors or drawing attention.
  8. No profanity.
  9. No throwing heavy or pointed objects in a reckless or dangerous manner.
  10. No physical violence, no threats, no intimidation, no snarly or disagreeable behavior.
  11. Treat everyone respectfully, with kindness.
  12. No stealing.
  13. Behave in a manner calculated to avoid hurting oneself, anyone or damaging property on the rented property.
  14. Adhere to booked time schedules, e.g., stop and leave when your reserved and paid for time is up.
  15. Promptly, in an agreeable manner, comply with the property owner’s reasonable or lawful instructions; ditto the owner’s designated agent’s lawful instructions.
  16. Use of the bathrooms inside the house on the property is strongly discouraged [especially as the number of people increases].
  17. Avoid wasting resources, e.g., do not allow water to run excessively without a compelling good reason.
  18. When using the property owner’s lights use them ultra carefully to avoid breakage, e.g., use adequate sandbags to reduce the odds a wind gust or accident will cause one to fall and be damaged.
  19. Stay out of planted areas; do not damage plants.
  20. No excessive wear or tear or breaking of anything, e.g., lawn furniture, daybed, hammocks, tub, plumbing, privacy screens, etc. If you break it assume responsibility to pay for its reasonable fair market value or replacement cost, per property owner’s discretion.
  21. No pets or animals without the group organizer’s prior approval.

Number of People Allowed:

  1. This is negotiable. Key variables will be what is the nature of the event?; time of the year?; time of the day?; weather?; duration of the event?; ages of the people?; and the maturity and quality of the people?
  2. Depending on the maturity level of the people, up to 35 pushes a reasonable maximum limit; however, the property owner is flexible and prefers to avoid setting a predetermined arbitrary maximum limit.

Availability to Rent:

  1. Availability, absent unforeseen developments, shall commence on 15 October 2020 and continue indefinitely.
  2. Availability shall be subject to: A) property owner’s availability to be present or have a trusted designated agent present; B) property owner’s use of the property, absent agreeing to reserve it for someone else for a fixed period, shall have priority; C) booking reservations being confirmed and paid in full.
  3. Warning: A booking without confirmed payment in full does not guarantee the property will be available for the person who made the reservation who failed to pay the appropriate rate. Anyone who reserves and pays in full will bump and exclude one who did not.
  4. Property owner is generally receptive to making the property available for use over an expansive block of time, including very early morning and up to and including late into the night, if all restrictions and

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