Artist’s Statement

by Peter J. Mancus,


[email protected]


This WOW THE WONDER OF WOMEN Internet site exists for these reasons: 1) To create and share with the public stunning, high resolution, detail rich, artistic nude pictures of adult human females as works of art; 2) To go beyond porn, sexual exploitation, advertising, erotic, and sexual arousal to recognize, without shame or guilt, the miraculous wonder and beauty of women; 3) To promote an understanding that this beauty should be enjoyed, valued, and appreciated as approaching what is Devine and not censored because of society’s, religion’s, government’s, and authoritarian opinion makers’ anti-nudity bias; 4) To celebrate, respect and extoll women, not exploit them; 5) To promote the belief that mere nudity is not pornographic, not obscene, and not criminal conduct; 6) To support liberation from bodily shame; 7) To create an Internet site where human beings, especially normal heterosexual men, can exercise their natural desire to look at, and savior, the beauty of a naked woman, 100% free of any porn connotation; and 8) To assure normal heterosexual men that it is morally acceptable for them to reclaim a man’s natural desire to look upon an image of a nude woman and enjoy her beauty, free of guilt or shame, without sexualizing the experience.

American culture’s approach toward nudity, beauty, freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, censorship, laws, and morality in 2018, is, arguably, insane and obscene. We Americans, in 2018, are bombarded with legal images of rampant violence and dehumanizing sexuality but stunning images of an artistic nude are censored and banned, in the name of promoting public morality, upholding standards, and keeping the Internet and social media “family friendly” and “safe for children”.

It is absurd to treat an artistic nude picture as “porn” that must be censored before it can be seen.

Americans in 2018 are manipulated to buy stuff, such as clothes, and are mislead regarding what is “moral” and deviant. Too many have been brainwashed to believe that viewing another’s naked body is sinful, and, if we do not feel guilt or shame or both, we are immoral.

By way of contrast, in the 1500’s, Michelangelo’s world famous statue of “David” [an exquisitely well done large statute of a nude adult male], was displayed in the center of an Italian town for all to enjoy, to celebrate humanity and the amazing miraculous wonder all humans are.

The Italians in the age of Michelangelo enjoyed a much wiser mature orientation to the human body and nudity than Americans do in 2018.

Americans in 2018 are undergoing a cultural war regarding what is beautiful, how beauty can be viewed and experienced, and what is or should be legal and moral.

When you look at images on this WOW site, ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you believe that our human bodies, when nude, are inherently obscene and must be kept hidden? If so, why?
2) When you look at a picture of a nude adult woman, what do you choose to see? How do you define human beauty? Why?Do you feel shame and guilt? Why?
3) Are you able to accept your naked self? Your natural state? Your humanity? The beauty in all humans?
4) Are you a-shame of your body? If so, why?
5) Are you able to entertain this idea: Every human being, regardless of their age, body shape, condition, and sex, is a marvelous miracle and a work of art, worthy of appreciation and respect?
6) Who and what are you? Are you your body? Your clothing? Your career? Your job? Your image? Your reputation?
7) Do you see the shape and form of naked human bodies as works of art? Why?
8) What do you feel, think, experience, and discover when you look upon your nude self?
9) When you react to the sight of a naked person, or a picture of a naked person, how do you see humanity?
10) If you believe that artistic pictures of a nude adult woman must be censored, why? If so, do you also believe you are more noble? You have superior integrity? You are above sensuality? And you adhere to a higher moral standard that benefits society? If so, why?
11) If you believe such pictures should be censored, are you authoritarian? Anti-individual freedom? Arrogant? Condescending? Do you suffer from ignorance? Are you too rigid? Have you been brainwashed by others to embrace their moral code and not be yourself?
12) What is beauty to you? Is it a standard or an experience?
13) If beauty to you is a standard, what is your criteria? Who set you up as a champion for that standard? Where is it written that everyone must adhere to your standard, even if they disagree with you?
14) Do you agree that one “inalienable right” that all human beings have is “the right to pursue happiness”? If so, does that right include the right to pose nude and the right to photograph a nude woman, with her consent?
15) Do you believe the human body is an awesome, miraculous work of art that should be valued, appreciated, revered, enjoyed and celebrated, including when nude? Why?
16) Do you believe our bodies’ private parts must be censored before it may be seen? If so, why?
17) Do you believe our natural state is nude?
18) Do you believe our natural state is inherently obscene? Immoral? If so, why?
19) If you believe in censorship, how do you justify censoring non-sexualized stunning artistic pictures of a nude woman?
20) Why should all of social media be reduced to family friendly standards to make all communications allegedly safe for pre-teens and teenage children?
21) Why should adults have the entire Internet’s content reduced to family friendly standards to avoid corrupting children and/or offending people who do not want to look at pictures of a nude woman?
22) If you believe in censorship, how do you reconcile the right of others to pursue happiness by posing nude for pictures and to photograph nude models with your alleged right to censor such pictures?
23) If you believe in censorship, why should anyone obey you and adopt your moral code?

To God be the glory for all that he has created, especially his finest creation: Woman!

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